Belgian journalist / copywriter,  I master my native French mother tongue, I’m also bilingual in English thanks to living in the States and can understand Dutch well enough to follow the news and translate it (B1).

My work has appeared in Belgian dailies: La Wallonie, Le Matin, Le Soir, as well as RTBF (public broadcaster); French monthly Le Monde Diplomatique, Luxembourg-based business magazine Paperjam, to name a few.

My corporate clients, international organizations, most of whom were trying to poke the « EU bubble » include: Counter Balance challenging the EIB (development/public bank), EATG (health), Retis (social inclusion), ULB/IEE (education).

I was also an embedded marketing officer in a Luxembourg-based ICT research centre: Le Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor.

I’m well versed in editing, copywriting, web writing and podcasting, researching, feature writing, investigating, EN – FR translating, media relations management and media strategy as well as B2B and B2C marketing.

I’m versatile and a keen learner. Specialisms include (but aren’t limited to) Belgian and EU politics, Belgian current affairs, Belgian and EU employment, social affairs, business, ICT, development, banking, justice, asylum seekers, human rights, HIV/Aids.

The diversity of issues I worked on is a token of my insatiable curiosity and willingness to dive into the unknown as well as embracing new challenges.

My skills have also built up with every job opportunities as well as trainings I undertook along the way.

A few of my trainings:

< 2017

  • CAT tool Wordfast everywhere
  • GDPR Foundation certificate
  • Google AdWords and SEO self-learning
  • Front end webdesign self-learning

< 2016

  • WordPress continuous self-learning

< 2015

  • English certificate / Certificat de réussite de l’anglais UF10, Institut des Langues Modernes, Liège (BE)
  • Dutch certificate / Néerlandais NT2 / niveau 5 – 2.3 (B1), CVO VOLT, Leuven (BE)

< 2010

  • Dreamweaver essentials CS3, E-learning
  • Dutch / Néerlandais au Forem de Liège (B1 selon l’échelle d’évaluation européenne)

< 2009

  • Managing New Media Project part1, BBC Academy, London (UK)
  • Script Editing: Introduction, BBC Academy, London (UK)
  • Writing for Radio, BBC Academy, London (UK)
  • WordPress – continuous self-learning
  • Google AdWords and SEO self-learning

Listen to my French-speaking newscasts  before checking out my portfolio as well as my CV with recommendations on LinkedIn

Don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or Skype.


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