The Long Struggle for Accountability of IFIs: The case of the EIB and the World Bank (2009)

Bank-financed projects can involve significant social and environmental costs, such as displacement of local communities, threats to indigenous peoples, and the destruction or degradation of the environment not to mention failure to respect and enforce human rights. In response to NGO’s pressure, the international financial institutions eventually established a series of policies and procedures that sought to offset some of the environmental and social risks. Some faster than others, the World Bank in 1993, the European Investment Bank in … 2008!

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A European minimum wage, the debate reloaded (2010)

On Tuesday, Belgian MPs, members of the Social Affairs Committee, voted – unanimously – a resolution to include the proposal for a European minimum wage on the agenda of the EU Presidency chaired by Belgium starting in July 2010. (1) The resolution was introduced by 4 Belgian Socialist MPs last October, in line with the Party of European Socialist (PES). The resolution does not specify a nominal value for a European minimum wage. Instead, it sets the minimum wage above the poverty line in each country, currently at 60 per cent of the country’s median income. Lire la suite